US Corporate Plans

As part of our range of US solutions, Trireme can establish and administer corporate plans for single office companies or multi-national organisations outside the US who employ US taxpayers.

As it is well known, US taxpayers living outside the US remain subject to US taxation and filing obligations. This can cause difficulty when it comes to offering employee benefits as the benefit can cause additional filing, compliance and even tax costs that outweigh the true value to the employee.

Whilst there are certain allowances and tax reliefs available to overseas US taxpayers on earnings and housing, it is generally not possible to fund a domestic pension such as a 401(k) without the sponsorship of a US employer and local pension structures might not cater, or be appropriate, for US taxpayers.

As a non US domestic pension, Trireme's US Corporate Plans have no upper funding limitations, but no US tax relief is given on contributions. Employees can also make personal contributions if they wish.

Blending our technical ability with our in-house sophisticated reporting systems, Trireme can provide each employee with the necessary data for their individual US tax returns whilst also offering the general benefits of a group occupational pension plan including full online access.

As corporate plans are bespoke to each engagement, please contact our support team for further information.